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Fair Grove Heritage Reunion 2024

September 28 & 29, 2024

Craft and Food Booth Application

Business Name:___________________________________________________________________________

Owner Name:_____________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________City, State, Zip____________________________________

E-mail: _______________________________Phone Number: ________________________________

Description of products: What you would like printed in program book, 15 words or less.




Returning Vendors:

To reserve same booth application must be Same Booth: Would like to move to:

postmarked prior to November 1, 2023#____________#____________


Number of Craft Booths Needed: __________ Booth Fee $110.00 $_______

Reunion Use Only

Postmark Date:

CK #: _ _____ _ __

Total $: _____ ___

Conf. E-Mailed:


Booth Assigned:



(Limit of 3 booths per vendor)

Number of Food Booths Needed: __________

Booth Fee $175.00 $_______


(Any Booth that requires contacting Greene Co Health Department)

Electric (20-amp electric very limited availability. Electric fee will be

returned if electric is not available, first come-first serve $30.00 $_______

ENCLOSED $________


  • Check payable to Fair Grove Historical Society.
  • Photo of your products, which will not be returned to you.

By submitting this application to the Fair Grove Historical Society, the undersigned acknowledges receiving, reading and fully understand all of the Guidelines and Regulation of the 2024 Fair Grove Heritage Reunion.  I understand that submission of this application, with the required attachments and fees does not guarantee admission to the festival as a vendor.  I further understand that if I violate any of the Guidelines and Regulations I may be excluded or asked to leave the Event.  My merchandise (in sole or in part) may be excluded or rejected from the Heritage Reunion and booth rental fees, electric and additional parking fees will be forfeited. 

Signature: __________________________     Date:________________________

Mail application to:  PO Box 93, Fair Grove, MO  65648