Sale Items


The ONLY ITEMS LEFT are the steel wheels. As of January 2020, all other items have been sold.


We still would like to find a home for some items the Historical Society can no longer use. Here is the list, along with pictures, prices and contact information.

For more information please contact Carl Buckner at 417-839-1748 or Mike Rookstool at 417-833-0657 or Leon Beatty at 417-839-2914 with the Fair Grove Historical & Preservation Society.


Large Wheels $200 for pair

Small Wheels $200 for pair

Manure Spreader $500

Wheels with Axles $300

All the following items make offer:

Windmill, approx. width 8 ft

Horseshoe stanchions

Flat Iron Grill

Cast Iron Legs

Assorted Doors

Two Shelving Units

Large and Small Metal Wheels












We're selling some surplus goods that you may be able to use in your next project!

 Bid Sheet (PDF)






Apply to use our facilities here


Rent the Mill 

Apply to rent the Mill as a venue for weddings, birthday parties or other events. This is a very popular event site,

with rustic surroundings, lots of trees and scenery in a quiet environment. Rental prices are on the application form.

Click here for application form link


Apply for a Heritage Reunion Booth

If you want to apply for a craft booth during the 2020 Fair Grove Heritage Reunion,

Click here for the application

Click here for regulations and guidelines

We want to make sure you get the SAME BOOTH this year if you had one last year. You can help us achieve this goal by contacting us now.

We may no longer have your contact information, so providing it as soon as possible is an excellent idea.

Click this blog link to understand why.


Apply to Perform as a Musical Act at the Heritage Reunion

The current plan is to generally schedule secular acts on Saturday, and gospel or religious oriented acts on Sunday.

All musical act slots for the 2019 Heritage Reunion have been filled.

If you have questions in the mean time, please email Jo Long at here address, mailto:


Join the Historical Society!

We always welcome new members to help in our efforts to preserve and promote our historical area.

Download the application to fill it out on your computer, then print it to save time.

Click here for an application

Our monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., every month at the new fire station.


The Heritage Reunion


View of the Main Street during the Reunion

The Fair Grove Historical and Preservation Society organizes and hosts an annual craft fair every year, on the last full weekend in September. This is by far our biggest annual event, with tens of thousands of people attending and enjoying the sights, sounds and food each day.  Attendance is free. Parking is usually not free but it's just a few dollars to park all day. There is a shuttle to transport you from most parking lots to the main event. There are many booths to buy food and drink and continuous free music performances in two locations.


Please be reminded, this event is only on Saturday and Sunday. You will not be allowed on the grounds to shop before Saturday at 8 a.m. for safety reasons. There are no pre-sales or early bird specials.


 There are several hundred craft booths, and we are picky about whom we allow. You won't find anything in our booths except quality original and home-made craft items, and all will be family friendly. There is plenty to look at, and many people do all of their Christmas shopping all in one day. There is something for men, women and children of all ages.


View of the shoppers at the Tracy TractIf you want to have a booth, you must apply and comply with all of the rules in the application packet, which you can get on the Application menu at the top of this page.

You will not find politicians in the parade, or political booths. Flea market booths are also prohibited, and vendors are not allowed to sell commercial items in booths.

What you will find are high quality hand made items, homemade crafts, antiques and goods of all kinds.

The Historical Society publishes a guidebook to the event with a map, and politicians are free to purchase an ad if they wish. The book contains a map and a directory of all events for both days.








Parade tractors

The parade starts at Fair Grove High School on Saturday at 10 a.m. and follows Orchard Street, Highway 125 and Main Street.

If you have an old car, truck or tractor you are encouraged to come to the High School at 8:30 a.m. to join in the parade. There is no entry fee.

If you wish you may have walkers next to your entry handing out candy and treats to the kids who will line the parade route. Please don't throw items, which may cause injury. We want to have a safe event for everybody.






Missing Man Trio performing at the MillAfter the parade finishes on Saturday the music starts at two locations. The front porch of the Mill is popular, and the Gazebo is a very shady spot to enjoy the performances. All musicians are unpaid, but you can support them by purchasing CDs and tapes if they're available.

A Sunday morning non-denominational church service is held, followed by religious music performances for the remainder of the Sunday event.







Ruell Chappell performing at the Mill













Sawmill exhibition in 2019

Wommack Mill is a grist mill that has been fully restored, and will be operating during the Heritage Reunion.

There will also be a threshing machine and other demonstrations of farm and family operations from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

There is a threshing machine working at times, a working sawmill and a blacksmith shop.

You can watch the authentic operation of these crafts and more throughout both days. Check the program for times and places.





Blacksmiths at work