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Rent the Mill 

Apply to rent the Mill as a venue for weddings, birthday parties or other events. This is a very popular event site,

with rustic surroundings, lots of trees and scenery in a quiet environment. Rental prices are on the application form.

Click here for application form link


Apply for a Heritage Reunion Booth

If you want to apply for a craft booth during the 2020 Fair Grove Heritage Reunion,

Click here for the application

Click here for regulations and guidelines

We want to make sure you get the SAME BOOTH this year if you had one last year. You can help us achieve this goal by contacting us now.

We may no longer have your contact information, so providing it as soon as possible is an excellent idea.

Click this blog link to understand why.


Apply to Perform as a Musical Act at the Heritage Reunion

The current plan is to generally schedule secular acts on Saturday, and gospel or religious oriented acts on Sunday.

All musical act slots for the 2019 Heritage Reunion have been filled.

If you have questions in the mean time, please email Jo Long at here address, mailto:


Join the Historical Society!

We always welcome new members to help in our efforts to preserve and promote our historical area.

Download the application to fill it out on your computer, then print it to save time.

Click here for an application

Our monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., every month at the new fire station.


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