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 Heritage Reunion
Craft Booths (limit of three)   


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Extra Parking

$10 ea.

Electric (limited supply)


Last changed: 6/27/2022

Heritage Reunion Volunteers

We need volunteers year round, but at no time like the Heritage Reunion on the last full weekend in September. In 2022 this will be September 24-25, and we need many people to help before, during and after the Reunion. We don't expect anybody to do everything, but we ask that each of you do something if you possibly can.

Some setup work is dependent on the weather and times may change. Some tasks can't be changed and must take place on schedule.

To volunteer, please contact either

Mary Terry  cell# is 417-576-2283


or David Myers  cell# is 417-833-7308

This schedule will change, and you should check back for updates. This schedule was last modified on 8/17/21.


Day Date Task/Shift Owner Time Hours Helpers
Thursday 9/22 Layout booths Deena & Leon 9:00 6+ 2-4
    Set information booth Dave 9:00 2 2
    Speakers (PA) Dave 9:00 2 2
Friday 9/23 Crafter Parking Deena & Debbie 11:00 6+ 10-12
    Setup HS tents Dave 4:00 2 2-3
    Place trash boxes Dave 7:00 1 2-4
    Set benches Dave 7:00 2 2-4
    Bleachers Dave 7:00 2 2-4
    Bleachers School Dave 7:00 2 2-4
Saturday 9/24 Tram Drivers Dave/Kevin 8:00 10 4-8
    Merchant tent Mary 8:00 10 3-6
    Information booth Mark 8:00 10 2-4
    Threshing Rick TBA 2-4 2-4
    Money in the Straw Rick TBA 2 2-4
    Corn shelling   11:00 6 2
    Milling grain Dan 10:00 7 2-3
    Booth Jurist Mary 8:00 3-4 4
    Parade Mary/Milton 8:00 2-3 2
Sunday 9/25 Tram Drivers Dave/Kevin 8:00 8 4-8
    Merchant tent Mary 8:00 8 3-6
    Booth Jurist Mary 8:00 2-3 4
    Threshing Rick TBA 2-4 2-4
    Money in the Straw Rick TBA 2 2-4
    Corn shelling   9:00 6 2-4
    Information booth Mark 8:00 8 2-4
    Milling grain Dan 10:00 5 2-4
    Remove HS tents Dave 4:00 1 2-4
    Remove trash boxes Dave 4:00 2 2-4
    Remove benches Lion's Club 6:00 1-2 2-4



Permanent Volunteer Positions


Miller’s Apprentices Wanted

We need one or two people who are willing to assume the job of miller, the person who actually operates and grinds grain in the mill. This job will include

  • Demonstrating how the mill works to the public and answering questions. This is a year round job, depending on events and your personal schedule
  • You will have the advantage of training under the guidance of Dan Manning
  • You should expect to do this job for several years as an important member of the Historical Society
  • The job is dusty. The mill is not air conditioned or heated
  • You must have some mechanical aptitude, some upper body strength and the willingness to learn 19th century technology
  • The mill requires three people to grind grain, so one or two millers plus assistants are needed this year and every year. Ideally we will have two permanent millers plus three assistants on call.

Threshing Boss

If you have direct knowledge of how a threshing machine works, even if you are no longer able to do the work physically, we need your help this year to train and instruct volunteers for future years.


Historical Reunion 2021 is Happening!


We are officially announcing that the Historical Reunion will take place on September 25 & 26, 2021.

If you're an area resident the Historical Reunion looks forward to having you volunteer your help for a few hours. Either before, during or after the event is fine because there's a lot to do. Many hands make light work, and your help is vital to making this event a success.

We expect everybody who attends the Historical Reunion to comply with CDC guidelines which are current at that time for outdoor events.

Click Here for information about the Ice Cream Social 2021.


Staying in Fair Grove

If you're a cyclist wishing to camp at the Mill grounds, please go to the Kum & Go convenience store at the intersection of Highways 65 and 125. They will have a current list of contacts to call to unlock the restrooms for your use.

Kum & Go is located about 1/2 mile west of the Mill grounds. Their phone number is (417)759-9293

Some of the amenities we offer are:

  • Free overnight camping next to historic Wommack Mill
  • Free hot showers
  • Free electricity to charge your phones
  • Restaurants close to the camping
  • Laundromat one mile west of the Mill
  • Grocery store, pharmacy and convenience stores
  • Friendly people who are used to seeing bikes in the area


2022 Heritage Reunion Program

Download the program to your PC or smart phone.

Click on the navigation bar and select "Download PDF File".

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