You might notice that there have been some internal changes in the last couple of months at the Historical Society. Without going into details, the board of directors completely severed the relationship they had with one person who previously played a significant role in our operations.

As a result of this, the following things are rapidly changing.

  • There is a new website (this is it). Much remains to be done. It will be changing for the better.
  • There is a new Facebook page, which you can find here. There have been two old Facebook pages, one for the Historical Society and one for the Heritage Reunion. Please unlike and unfollow both of those pages and update any bookmarks, because those pages are no longer under our control.
  • A new person will be coordinating the Heritage Reunion fair, especially in the arrangements for the booth rental and placement. If you had complaints about the behavior of the previous coordinator, that's all in the past.
  • The Historical Society will be producing the guidebook / program for the Heritage Reunion, and will be selling ads for that book directly to merchants and others.
  • There will be more people who are involved with posting information, and we hope for more interesting and dynamic information on both the website and on Facebook.
  • Probably more, stay tuned...

This is a reboot of much of the public-facing interaction of the Historical Society. Please be patient, and if you want to volunteer to help it's quite welcome.


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